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Estúdio Paraíso nas Nuvens 

About Us

​Éstudio Paraíso nas Nuvens studio is run by Ricardo "Scott" Heller or Dr Space from Øresund Space Collective- Black Moon Circle. It is an analog modelling studio located in a peaceful location on a mountainside in Portugal.  The goal of the studio is provide a cheap but high quality place for bands to realise their artistic potential away from the crazy world.  




We use the Universal Audio LUNA DAW with the UAD plug ins to emulate the best of the Analog World. 

Mixing is done in either LUNA or Logic X but you can also bring your own computer and use Pro tools or Abelton. 

Mastering is done with a full set of Universal Audio plug ins in our control room which has world class acoustics! 


Estúdio Paraíso Nas Nuvens, is a Joules Newell Acoustic Engineering built studio with world class acoustics situated in a quiet location on the side of a mountain with majestic views of the Rio Alva river valley and surrounding mountains. 3hrs north of Lisboa, 2 hrs south east of Porto near Oliveira do Hospital.


The mixing room (pictures below) was specifically built to the highest specifications for making world class mixes. The reverberation time is around 140ms and there is absolutely no reflected sound in the rear or sides of the room and all excessive bass is absorbed making a perfect room for mixing and mastering purposes.  

The studio is an analog modelling studio using the Universal audio Apollo platform with LUNA and Logic X is installed.  If you have your own laptop and prefer to use ProTools, this can easily be interfaced.  There are 24 channels of pre-amps and a very flexible patchbay. Out board equipment is primarily space echos! The room is prepared for mixing 5.1 as well. The monitors are the Yamaha HS series (8 in the front and 7 in the rear as well as the subwoofer). 


The live room (see pictures below) is about 6x5m with an over 4m high ceiling. The acoustics are simply fantastic in this room. Adjustable absorbers have been installed on the walls and can be moved to adjust the acoustic. Carpets can be rolled out to lessen the natural reverb of the room and 5 partitions for separating instruments exist as well. A limited backline (Vintage Marshall cabinet), Fender Champion (40watt), Orange Crush 35 wall, Custom built Tube amp 15watt for guitars, a Copenhagen Bass Lab custom stack or Trace Eliot stack and 200 watt head for Bass.  A large array of keyboards and synths are available including, Hammond XB-2, Roland D50, Nord Lead 2, ARP Odyssey, Octave CAT, Mellotron, Yamaha CS-10, Novation Ultranova and OSCar (needs repair). Video cameras and TV screens are used for monitoring between rooms. There are 4 slotted windows that provide a view out of the live room into the river valley. 



OSC Promo Foto 2021.jpeg
Oresund Space Collective

The first band to do a major recording project in the studio! 18hrs of material was recorded.. 


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Olivera do Hospital, Portugal

Tel: +351 914 960

Our studio is open 7 days a week:


9am - 5pm are the normal working hours. 

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